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From: "Tamar Herzberg" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I'm not really a new member, but I'll tell you a bit
> about myself:

  New or old... we're just trying to encourage some new discussion :)

> I'm a Political Science graduate at TAU and manage a

  Please excuse my ignorance but where's TAU ?

> I'm interested mainly in human-rights and church-state
> relations, and my focus is Third World politics and
> democratising countries. But - I'm open to anything,
> and I wouldn't have chosen politics as my research
> field unless I was interested in most areas. I guess
> that most of you are IR people, but I think "war" has
> more meaning than the narrow IR discipline.

  Ok, another question:  What's IR ?

   And I think that 'war' can be many things... from massive conflict
involving the loss of life of millions to 'so called' "police actions"
which affect the balance of nations.

> Since my country is ay war right now, I have some day
> to day stories I can share with you... ("practical"
> and not only "theoretical") - but if you ask me, I
> prefer a list less based on quarelling over political
> opinions and more a discussion over theory and
> solutions.

   Well, it seems that the eGroups version of this list has the 'political
opinions' portion fairly well covered... maybe we can get this list more
interested in theory?  Perhaps you can lead the way :)

  And which country was that again? :)

John T

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