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 Both major political parties in the US Presidential
 race - Democrats and Republicans - are publicly
 committed to the continued militarization of outer
 space.  The militarization of outer space runs
 counter to the principles of Universe society.

 Ask yourself this thought-provoking question:
 Has this US Election crisis occured as part of the
 end of terrestrial politics?

 US Election Crisis 2000: The end of terrestrial politics?

 Exopolitics: Toward a Decade of Contact

 C U E - Campaign for a Universe Ecology
 "Decade of Contact - A proactive, education-based process of ecological
 integration with Universe society."
 CUE: http://www.ecologynews.com/
 1512 West 40 Ave. Vancouver, BC V6M 1V8
 Tel: 604-733-8134   Fax:604-733-8135
posted by alfred webre

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