ok...read this ! i suffer..babies.

Hello, My name is Russ. I hope that the sad story below will outrage you. If 
this can happen to my family, it can happen to yours.
                        BABIES COME FIRST!
                        THIS WILL STOP.

Updated December 11.

        Last year, on November 10th at 11:30 am, I was with my wife and 3 babies in 
Kuta Beach, Bali. I was touching my 6-week-old baby’s head saying good 
morning to him when 5 men grabbed me from behind and dragged me away to a 
room to be locked behind a steel door. I was then tied to bedposts and was 
injected with a drug so powerful that it put me into cardiac and respiratory 
arrest. There was an attempted male rape.
        I was repeatedly drugged after that with my heart and breathing stopping 
and starting. I spent almost 3 weeks, at the mercy of a Foreign Affairs 
abduction and subsequent detention with no outside contact with family, 
friends or Embassy. A Malaysian friend called the Canadian High commission 
in Kuala Lumper to demand that my family and I are evacuated. The Indonesian 
military had been pointing guns at our direction.  He was told that 
commission staff physically incapacitated me! It was on the day that I was 
locked behind steel doors, drugged and tied to bed posts while my family was 
taken away.  All calls were blocked in or out while in detention.
        I struggled to keep my heart going from the repeated subsequent drugging.  
I have not seen my wife or babies since.
Meanwhile my pensioned mother was being asked to send over huge amounts of 
her retirement money in secret. She was told not to tell me about the 
        I am being harassed daily by electromagnetic radiation, far in above normal 
background radiation. I have repeatedly complained to the government at all 
levels about the harassment with absolutely no relief. The Dept. of the 
Environment has yet to investigate the radiation source even though there 
are elderly and young children in the area.
        I have been so badly radiated that my body sets off metal scanners. We 
received the same radiation as a family in Indonesia while my babies were in 
fetal development. The babies developing bio-electrics were altered since 
conception by around the clock huge electromagnetic and microwave radiation 
attacks. They were born paranormal and demonstrated their mystic abilities 
in front of dozens of foreign intelligence staff. On November 10, 2000 they 
were forcefully abandoned as their father was grabbed from behind under 
collusion of corrupt CIA, Australian and Canadian Foreign Affairs staff 
based in Indonesia in a clear murder attempt. I have not seen my wife or 
babies since. Foreign Affairs continue to do all that they can to keep the 
family separated. The evidence against them is compelling and I am shocked 
that no prosecutions or even an investigation has been carried out.
                I believe that the crimes against my family and myself were done in 
such a 
brazen and sloppy way, as the perpetuators did not expect me to live long 
enough to protest or effect the rescue of my family. Intelligence agencies 
from America, Briton, Australia, New Zealand and the United Nations were 
heavily involved in harassment prior to my abduction.  There have been 4 
well-organized attempts on my life during the time that I began to expose 
the radiation experiments on my babies.  I had managed to slip out each 
time. The Canadian government, by there own admission had me deported out of 
Indonesia, via their hired agent dr. Made, forcefully leaving my young 
family abandoned. My youngest baby being only six weeks old.
        I was escorted to Canada by the man that attempted to kill me and 
eventually made my way back to Malaysia to see my 3 Malaysian children and 
continue with rescue efforts of my Indonesian family. While in Malaysia 
under almost identical circumstance I was again drugged, abducted and 
detained through the actions of foreign affairs staff colluding with the CIA 
based at the Pondok Inn, Kuala Lumper.  Peter Girling (consular) and staff 
working for the Canadian High commission refused to answer any further 
questions to my lawyer indicating he would have to refer to his lawyers when 
queried about falsified documents. Mr. Girling and Canadian government staff 
had been caught in corruption, collusion with the CIA and breached numerous 
laws including laws under the privacy act, international law, human rights 
law, oath of office and local federal Malaysian laws.
        All indications are the babies are being groomed and set up for an 
international sale. They have been radiated since conception and are 
extremely paranormal, high IQ, photogenic and Eurasian.
        Just prior to the Bali outrage, I had been abducted under orders of 
Canadian and Australian Government Foreign affairs staff in Indonesia just 
after applying for the babies emergency passports during a dangerous 
revolution where Embassies were evacuated.
        Foreign Affairs Canada does not dispute this but absolutely refused to name 
the person or people who ordered the abduction. Shortly after the torture 
and during the drugging, James Gavin (CIA), Krakatoa Business Center, No 56, 
Jalan Seminyak, Kuta Bali, maneuvered my family to a CIA house for a week.  
I would have to question if it was for further processing both 
experimentally and sale.
        After the tie-up and drugging, I awoke to find people wearing brand new CIA 
embossed dress and my wife and children gone. I have not seen them since and 
have lost all contact.  The Canadian government refused for weeks to forward 
any possible address citing Canadian privacy laws. They have since 
capitulated and forwarded an address. I have received over CD 90,000 in 
bills by the Canadian government without a single original document to date.
        The message from Ottawa seems to be clear! Keep quiet about the radiation 
treatment that my babies, wife and I have received at the hands of foreign 
affairs and intelligence or you will not see your wife or babies again.  If 
I continue to demand an enquiry and prosecutions, life can get dangerous and 
expensive.  I wonder where the outrage in Ottawa is to allow criminal 
activity to happen and continue without a thorough international 
investigation.  Where, in Ottawa are the orders coming from to destroy a 
young and beautiful family? Is it an individual, department, ministry or is 
it the entire administration? Does it fall completely under Canadian 
Intelligence and if so, where are the mechanisms for redress? Derrick Patry 
continues to state that there is not a single shred of evidence of any laws 
broken even though he is very familiar with the case and is privy to 
classified information.
        Falsified documents from Canada and Australia foreign affairs Indonesia has 
made its way from Indonesia to Malaysia to Canada and used to perpetuate 
crimes.  Foreign Affairs Canada has repeatedly capitulated or has been 
silent on just about all facts and events including privacy and mail fraud 
        Once foreign affairs realize that yet another law has been broken their 
explanation changes completely or simple explanations for criminal behavior 
are stonewalled.  For example, I have been waiting for 13 months for 
original documents of qualification on the foreign affairs agent that was 
hired to drug me repeatedly to the point of near death and then escort me to 
Canada. There are at least 30 witness’s to the above.
        I was targeted once again by electromagnetic radiation torture in Kuala 
Lumper in a CIA run hotel called the Pondok Inn. The manager of the Hotel, a 
CIA front financed by 4 Singaporeans, colluded with Foreign Affairs consular 
staff based at the Canadian High Commission in Kuala Lumper for about one 
hour prior to my second abduction and lock-up. Again falsified documents 
originating from Indonesia surfaced and were presented to Malaysian Federal 
employees. This case has many witnesses as well. Ottawa refuses to 
investigate or prosecute.
        The third incidence of abduction and drugging took place shortly after 
arriving in Canada. Once again, CIA and other intelligence agents were in 
town from Asia and the more falsified documents showed up. I was forcefully 
drugged and detained for 29 days. This case has many witnesses but again, 
Ottawa refuses to investigate. I have repeatedly offered my services to 
Ottawa to aid in investigations take a polygraph on all points and offer all 
assistance necessary to bring prosecutions and re-unite my family.
        As of December 11, 2000, there has been no response or indication of 
outrage from the police, MPs, Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, 
Premiers, Legislature, lawyers or press. This would imply a top-level 
cover-up. Over 100 laws have been broken including local, provincial, 
federal, international and foreign federal laws. Clearly the Canadian 
constitution and oath of office of foreign federal employees has been 
breached. International treaties have been breached.

        International human rights laws have been broken, my babies have been 
radiated, the family victimized and Ottawa does not investigate. Radiation 
devices emit radiation and scanners can easily detect the source and catch 
the criminals. To date the Canadian Government refuses to scan the area 
around my present location to catch the criminals. Foreign western 
intelligence uses these devices with impunity in Malaysia and Indonesia and 
my family has been targeted for experiments. A government that allows this 
to continue after being alerted many times are in total breach of dozens of 
laws including the Environment protection act.  The case should be 
front-page international news, but to date not a paragraph in the local 

        I have warned foreign governments about the radiation devices being used by 
western intelligence including the Special Paranormal Unit known as ‘English 
Teachers’ who operate out of S.E. Asia, train in Tokyo and have a main base 
in Jakarta. This group use and train with electromagnetic and microwave 
radiation weapons. They are a special top secret paranormal unit with 
worldwide connections that attempted to recruit me for operations in Moscow 
and Irian Jaya. It was the ‘English Teacher’ unit, under the United Nations 
and the CIA that initiated my Indonesian problems in Jakarta during the 
revolution. Australian consular staff socializes with these people at the 
Santa Fe Bar, Kuta Bali.  Ottawa wants me to prove the allegations of 
criminal activity, so in the hope that counter intelligence in Malaysia and 
Indonesia, International journalists or human rights groups will assist, I 
am supplying these details globally to as an international alert and to 
pre-empt a possible babies sale. I have many more details to point to dozens 
of witness’s at every step of the points presented.
        I know many of the English Teachers, paranormal unit personally and have 
actually levitated with one of the female agents many times during training 
operations while in Jakarta.  I had attracted a huge amount of international 
attention from the UN and other western security forces in Jakarta and Bali. 
At one point, I identified a machine gun held by a woman and grabbed it from 
her. The Indonesian army returned the weapon to her. She immediately pointed 
it at us, the paranormal unit, with her finger on the trigger.
        Intelligence radiation emitters effected my own electromagnetic field 
causing it to extend multifold. This interfered with very sensitive 
intelligence communications systems and was a contributing factor in my 
forced returned to Canada from Asia, abandoning all 6 of my children. My 
Indonesian babies attracted a great deal of attention demonstrating 
paranormal gifts by moving ice cubes without touching them, appearing to 
disappear or walk out of their body and sadly, pointing out hidden sniper 
positions. These were mainly Indonesian army personal, dressed in black 
hoods. They had repeatedly pointed guns at us from buildings and cars. My 
babies, as I, could would sense their positions and point them out to the UN 
and others. Now the babies and their mother are gone and I believe that a 
huge cash offer has been made for them.  (The babies) There could be no 
other plausible explanation.

        Much military study has been done showing that the physical body is 
surrounded by a mantle of electromagnetic (EM) energy. The eyes pick up this 
photonic and cosmic emission, though 90 per cent of this information is 
filtered out in the energy fields in and around the thalamus.
        The remainder is the visual part of what we see as our main reality.  Once 
the very tight electromagnetic energy fields are weakened or de filtered or 
realigned around the 10% visual-mental arena, our perception expands as our 
photonic and cosmic exchanges become ever greater and our auras 
progressively stronger.
        Auras are plasma, the fourth dimension of matter and the golden key to the 
paranormal window. The larger the aura, the greater the attraction to and 
the exchange of cosmic energy which intern increases plasma production. With 
this, ESP, clairvoyance, remote viewing and profound insight become 
possible. Western intelligence is in overdrive on the study of this and its 
implementation.  They, however raise hell to achieve their objective.  They 
are not angels on a spiritual high. They are hell bent on world domination.

My experimental babies, aside from genetics, were born paranormal...the 
electromagnetic protective barrier around the thalamus had been 
electromagneticly and micro waved by western intelligence during fetal stage 
and early infant development thus altering normal bio-electric and 
neuro-electrical development. It seems that a huge cash offer could have 
been made for them.
        Those who practice a Hindu type of meditation, de filter the energy 
meridians from the inside with various internal exercises resulting in 
paranormal/spiritual insight and other dimension phenomenon. Western 
intelligence brutally accomplishes this from the outside in with intense and 
tortuous electromagnetic and microwave radiation. Baby experiments, from my 
own observations are rampant. I personally know 3 babies born to intelligent 
agents and local prostitutes that show all of the symptoms of 
electromagnetic over stimulation and disorientation. The poor babies 
constantly receive an overload of stimuli as their own developing 
bioelectrical systems were over ridden by the constant radiation they have 
received since the day they were conceived. The CIA and other western 
intelligence agencies have wired the babies bio-electrics since conception.
         Of course, as far as western intelligence is concerned, human baby 
experiments are vital to gain a complete understanding of how their machines 
work in the control of minds, whether that is to influence foreign 
parliaments or stock exchanges or perceived enemies in Russia or China or 
influence the outcome of parliamentary elections in Indonesia and Malaysia.
        I accomplished the electromagnetic de-filtering process from the inside 
out, very quickly, by a self-taught technique to do exactly that.  In 
addition, I have practiced gentle mediation and mind control for over 20 
years. The western military and secret service learned of my paranormal 
gifts about 4 years ago and decided to use my entire family for further 
experiments, primarily for further paranormal research.
        If one radiates a fetus since conception, from the observations of my own 
offspring and that of radiated offspring of western agents in Indonesia, 
paranormal babies seem to be the result as their energy meridians of the 
thalamus and the bio-electrics throughout the body is completely altered for 
        They will forever be sensitive to electromagnetic fields and microwave and 
cosmic radiation, as they have never had the opportunity to develop their 
own bio-electrics normally. Normal bioelectric meridians protect humans, 
their brain, thinking process’s and protects against profound sensitivity to 
all manner of radiation, electromagnetic and cosmic.
        To rob babies the chance to develop normally is one of the grossest human 
radiation experiments ever.
        We are talking about developing fetus and newborns with their tiny energy 
meridians and circuits developing in their tiny brains and body subjected to 
huge overriding fields of electromagnetic and microwave radiation. They are 
sacrificed to make way for the ever-developing Haaarp and Echelon global 
ease dropping and intelligence operations.
        Much of the electromagnetic and microwave radiation weapons presently being 
installed in Malaysia, Canada and Indonesia are routinely used to recruit 
natural paranormals that are able to generate huge amounts of plasma on 
their own. This plasma is then drawn and channeled to aid in remote viewing 
and all sorts of paranormal tricks including soul travel and Phycokinesis 
etc. During secret military or intelligence operations, the true paranormal 
operators are able to communicate both psychically and act as radio beacons, 
both receiving and transmitting ultrasound and other transmissions confusing 
counter intelligence.
        It is difficult to make sense of the communications or pinpoint their 
location. Many transmissions can only detected by other psychics or with 
supersensitive computerized receivers. Microwaves and electromagnetic 
devices are used to create communication corridors.   The best paranormals 
radiate themselves and train to develop these techniques. Paranormal 
operatives of the ’English Teachers’ unit practice intensely for 3 hours a 
        As an adult, practicing the slower de-filtering techniques of say Hindu 
meditation, we have the opportunity to open to the other world with a sound 
understanding of this world and are able to make sound comparisons. The poor 
radiated children are born seeing and hearing things that most normal people 
could only imagine. Who knows what the long-term prognosis is for my babies 
and countless others that are victims of the grids or intense 
        My radiated children walk out of their bodies, move ice cubes with out 
touching them, point out hidden sniper positions, go into spells of talking 
like an adult with facial contortions while they are vocalizing and appear 
to disappear and reappear. You can’t get much more paranormal than that. It 
is not hard to imagine how much radiation they received in the fetal stage 
while we were being targeted by western intelligence. The bastards that did 
this to my family, one way or the other will pay. I have already exposed 
foreign intelligence operations to the respective governments for human 
rights causes. Hopefully millions of dollars of intelligence set-ups will be 
abandoned. My babies are becoming very expensive experiments and the sooner 
Ottawa investigates and facilitates my families rescue, the better. I am 
making sure that the international community is aware and watching every 
move. The babies must have thorough medical checks for excessive 
electromagnetic radiation as soon as possible. Ottawa ignores their plight.
        I have ingested microscopic magnets, coated in a polymer, and spiked with a 
snippet of virus designed to get millions of magnets into the cells and past 
the blood brain barrier. This is the modus operandi to quickly magnetize a 
target. It is place in food and drink. I have experienced this on about 6 
occasions being introduced to it by an Australian intelligence officer in 
Jakarta during special operations.      The ‘drug’ has a slight iridescence to 
it and the effects are profound. It stays in the system for about a year, as 
cells die and are replaced. I suspect that this method is widespread and is 
certainly being used by the CIA in Malaysia and Indonesia from first hand 
experience and observation. A target will experience a slight fever 2 to 3 
days after inoculation.
        I have worked on my own mind control for over 20 years and developed an 
extremly rapid technique to ESP. The CIA and Australian intellegence has 
taken particular interest in me as have foreign affairs Canada. I was 
followed everywhere until Canadian Intellengence induced immigration at the 
Johor Baru checkpoint to bar me from the country. My 3 Malaysian children 
came down in tears to kiss me good-bye. The bastard’s name is on the 
Malaysian immigration computer anda the immigration officer has been 
identified and forward to the Malaysian capital.
        At the CIA controlled Pondok Inn, in Kuala Lumper, the manager refered to 
me as the CIA golden boy! He oversees the radiation and drugging of 
unsuspecting guest to sensitize them, and establish a head to head contact 
as quickly as possible. His job is to identify enemies of state, drug 
dealers, phychics, do research and tap any other individual that may have 
information that would aid the west. He also recruits.
        I have been a victim of torture, radiation experiments, druggings, 
lock-ups, broken bones, murder attempts and jailing during the past year 
while trying to rescue my family. Poinantly it was during this period that I 
was formulating and teaching the contents of a book that intellegence does 
not want out called Fast Track ESP-Remote View and describes techniques 
involved and how they are applied by intellegence.

The radiation and the techniques used on populations are the grossest human 
rights violations ever. They are weapons of mass destrution; CELLULAR 

        I have been so severly radiated in Canada that papers from my pockets set 
off metal scanners. Why I am being targetted and tortured in Canada is 
anyones guess. Is it a message to keep quiet? Too bad for the spooks because 
this radiated father is screaming loud and clear when he dosen‘t cry for his 
children. Crimes have been commited in my babies’ case and God willing there 
will be jail time for the people involved and the electromagnetic and 
microwave weapons shut down for good. These are weapons of war to be used in 
war, not on families, the elderly and babies. We are not lab monkeys to be 
radiated at the whim of an operative that pulls a switch or turns a dial on 
machines that were paid for by tax dollars.
My family remains the target of biological weapons and experiments and this 
is going to stop!   My mother and 88year old grandmother are being targeted 
as I type. Seems to be a multi generation experiment and Ottawa is totally 
aware of this.  Where is the Outrage!
        I have been desparetly trying to locate and reunite with my wife and babies 
for 13 months and would appreciate if you could take the time to copy and 
paste to any politician, police department, M.P. P.Ms., the world media, 
human rights groups, medical authorities, victims groups or anywhere in the 
world that may bring about greater awarness. We need help and fast. If you 
cannot help, would you please, for the babies, copy and post to someone who 
is in a position to assist?  Warm Regards, Russ Warwick, and God Bless.

        The below was written by a friend in Hamilton who is an electronics 
engineer and has been badly radiated as well in on going Canadian human 
radiation experements.

        Dear Sir or Madam: - As a reference, as far back as 1994 U.S. Senator John 
Glenn's publicly-expressed outrage that his government has (once again) been 
found to be engaging in brutal forms of involuntary human experimentation, 
and his demand, in effect, that any and all forms of this type of 
experimentation be exposed was heartening.
         - A large and growing number of people hoped that the U.S. Senator's 
expressed outrage was sincere, and that any investigations are not simply a 
means of diverting attention from complaints centering on the Government's 
long-term role in involuntary human experiments with non-ionizing forms of 
        - For some time now, the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Justice 
have openly admitted that directed-energy weapons systems do indeed exist, 
complaints of experimentation with these systems can no longer be ignored. 
It would seem that this technology has now enjoyed a large-scale horizontal 
and vertical multi-National proliferation.
        - This Letter is focused on complaints concerning experiments with non- 
ionizing, so-called "non-lethal," directed-energy weapons, surveillance and 
psychotronics systems. In bringing this to your attention, I am forwarding 
the interests, currently, of many citizens, who are the subjects of both 
vicious forms of overt harassment and concurrent directed-energy harassment. 
- Documents detailing Microwave, Acoustic, Psycho-Acoustic Harassment and 
Mind-Control Experimentation are widely available, as well as Testimonials 
from many hundreds of known and documented victims.
        - Just as a matter of interest--Defense sponsored "hype" in the media, make 
claims as to the non-lethal nature of these technologies or in a stunning 
reversal, deny their existence out right. Many of these claims would appear 
to be made by those who share a vested, if not economic interest in the 
proliferation of these "Products".
        - They are not gentle systems, as this government would like for the public 
to believe. Questions, which need to be asked as a preliminary, are as 
        - 1. By what formal means are Canadian Government agencies prevented from 
testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons, surveillance and 
psychotronics systems on Canadian citizens under involuntary circumstances?
        - 2. By what formal means are Government Contractors and Sub-Contractors 
prevented from testing "non-lethal", directed-energy weapons, surveillance 
and psychotronics systems on Canadian Citizens under involuntary 
        - 3. By what formal means are non-Government Agencies, Private 
Corporations, Private Groups, Educational Institutions, Organized Crime or 
even well positioned individuals prevented from using "non-lethal", 
directed-energy devices, surveillance and psychotronics systems on Canadian 
        - 4. Why do Canadian Policies fail to prohibit involuntary human 
experimentation with non-ionizing forms of radiation?
        - 5. How many Members of Parliament and of the Administration have invested 
in firms, which are engaged in the development and testing of 
directed-energy systems?
        - 6. Why are Firms from the U.S. and other Countries engaged in the 
business of promoting "non-lethal" systems as tools for Law Enforcement in 
Canada, many of them being used under the Community Policing initiative.
        - 7. Why are these "non-lethal" systems being kept classified, while at the 
same time enjoying large-scale proliferation at the greater Community level? 
A point can be made that initiatives and operations that are being conducted 
at the greater Community level can hardly be considered classified.
        - 8. Where is the test data on the efficacy of these directed-energy 
weapons, surveillance and psychotronics systems being obtained, and who in 
the Canadian Government specifically, is overseeing these experiments?
        - 9. Why are complaints by Canadian Citizens dealing with directed-energy 
harassment and experimentation being ignored, while at the same time 
detailed reports have already been presented to various European and U.S. 
Governments in an attempt to address legitimate concerns surrounding the 
proliferation of these Technologies.
        - In ending, this is a problem, which the Government of Canada can ill 
afford to ignore. There are many angry people in this country that have been 
violated with these experiments. It may do well to remind ourselves that not 
all experimentees have been kept effectively isolated. A number of 
experimentees recognize the rapidly burgeoning numbers of new experimentees.
        Many have also become well seasoned to the mental illness ploy incorporated 
as a cover-up for this experimentation. At present they must use their own 
resources and efforts to guide and aid newly targeted individuals in the 
right direction. We can only hope that others who are also concerned may be 
prompted to do the same so that this issue can be brought to some level of 
open inquiry.

162 Kensington Ave. N.
Hamilton, Ontario,
Tel: 905 5446959

I have hundreds of pages of clarifications on almost all points mentioned 
above for further inquiry and would be more than willing to assist.

Sincerely Russ Warwick.

>From: Troy Heagy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: {W&P} Dimpled/Pregnant Chads Should Not Count
>Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 11:04:12 -0800
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>>From: JS Russell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>Be honest and admit rather that
>>your argument is that you disagree with their interpretation.
>That's simply not true.
>The FL SC ruled that recounts should include dimpled and pregnant chads.
>First, no such law exists, so that's an arbitrary theft of power by the
>Court from the Legislature.  Second, dimpled and pregnant chads are NOT
>indications of votes.  They can just as easily be damage from handling 
>the voters are waiting in line (fingernails cause dimples/moisture causes
>pregnant chads... as the patent holder testified).
>>And I have greater faith in the Florida jurists and the Supreme Court
>>jurists to interpret the law than I have in your abilities to do the same.
>>If you think we should follow the law, you have to accept who the arbiters
>>of the law are in this country - that's the law, too, you know. Marbury 
>>Madison, baby.
>INTERPRET law..... not make it.
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