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Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: {W&P} Challenge to the List!

> In a message dated 12/1/01 1:39:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> writes:
> << I'd like to see as many as possible (everyone? :)) post at least 4 
>  separate messages dealing with 4 different "controversial" war/politics 
>  topics. If you duplicate someone else's topic, that's Ok as long as you 
>  have a new slant on it.  >>
> ______________________________________________________
> 1. Our current police action in Afghanistan -- I read recently that this
> has nothing to do with Usama bin Laden and EVERYTHING to do
> with the need to build a pipeline from the ... I think it's the Baltic Sea
> to the gulf to deliver to market the 500 years worth of oil that Russia 
> has recently discovered. 
> LG
Is that not a way to talk about somethig that could come later? And if it's coming 
there is not going to be done anything? The behaviour of the Talibans and Usama bin 
Laden and his gang is no reason enough to try to do something about this in it self? A 
country that in the hands of the Talibans is kept in the middle ages? Weather there is 
going to be buildt a pipeline after Afghanistan has joined the modern world or not is 
another question, right?

§( :8-)

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