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In a message dated 12/9/01 5:58:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< What is wrong with the education in USA? Or maybe many people really have 
no one to vote for as the spectra of politics that they favour has no 
candidate? It could be so too. >>
Liberals are what is wrong with today's education ... Liberals who prefer a 
stupid electorate that can be easily led around. 

Liberals who say that we can't give any child a failing grade because it 
"would hurt their self-esteem" ... Liberals who say we can't single anyone 
out who has done well in school and reward them because it "would make the 
other students feel worthless and hurt their self-esteem" ... Liberals who 
say tests don't show how much a person knows, just how they were feeling the 
day they took the test, so all testing should be abolished ... Liberals who 
... (do you need more or have I given enough examples?) 


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