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> I don't believe in accidents -- I believe everything happens for a 
> reason. 
> (Because this was done -- this occured)
> I do believe in a higher power, which I refer to as "God" because of my 
> Christian upbringing (If I'd been raised as a Muslim, I'd say "Allah"), 
> because it is inconceivable to me that all this (step outside, open 
> eyes, 
> look at earth, sky, etc., etc.) could be the result of an "accident" ... 
> besides, if evolution was really true -- mothers would have at least 4 
> hands! 


Yes, it's hard to believe that the endless, interwoven complexity of the 
universe which includes the mind of man could arise out of a void empty 
of purpose and intelligence. As has been said, the existence of a watch 
implies the existence of a watchmaker.

Al Winslow

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