rod/christine wrote:
> Well, i wasn't around in 1923 when North Dakota did their thing.  Nor, 
> in 1940, when most every (other) state adopted the Sullivan theory of 
> guns.
> Jesus's disciple pals had swords and knives (brass-knuckles?) helmets, 
> etc.
> When i'm out mending fences or some other menial task that involves the 
> possible interaction with wild animals - badgers come to mind - always 
> carry a holstered gun and a rifle or shotgun in the pickup.  Common 
> sense.  North Dakota is a low-population agricultural state, so the 
> chance that, for instances, armed intruders, thieves, fiends, 
> murder-on-their-mind types, Bonnie & Clyde would be cool though.
> Traveling (or vacationing) from state-to-state, one must call ahead to 
> see if it is alright to travel with a concealed weapon.  Many highway 
> robbers lie in wait for the unwary or unsuspecting soul and a "handy" 
> gun is the equalizer for most Showdowns.
> The overwhelming population are in the cities and their ever-present 
> suburban sprawl - so the "gun question" takes on a different spin that 
> i'm not too familiar with so i'll leave it at that.  The Feds should 
> keep their "hooks off" - what individual States (citizens) decide to 
> enact into law.  However, too many laws the way it is.  Enforce the 
> present laws.
> Gun Education & Handling should be mandatory "for all" in the public 
> schools.  Somewhat on the Switzerland model maybe.
> I had another take on this article but i've lost it (and can't recall at 
> this time!)
> Guns are good.
> ps- This was a long article - yikes!
> Rod
> ===
> Al Winslow wrote:
> > Fighting Back: Crime, Self-Defense and the Right to
> > Carry a Handgun
> >  

Needless to say, I like guns too. I spend some time, energy and money on 
the political fight to protect our Secons Amendment rights.

Here in Virginia we have a must-issue concealed carry law. That is, if a 
person has a felony-free record, the law requires that a permit to carry 
a concealed handgun must be issued upon request -- after a background 
check and completion of a firearms training session with an approved 

Unfortunately, there are several restrictions on where the gun can be 
carried. Such restrictions are, of course, uncontitutional.

I own several firearms and I am always armed. I'm living in a seaport 
city that has a crime rate comparable to most similar-sized US cities. 

The crime rate would be much lower if the namby-pamby courts would put 
the criminal scum away for longer sentences. Most crimes are committed 
by people with criminal histories who should never have been let out to 
prey upon society again.

As the Cato Institute article said, states that issue concealed carry 
permits have practically no problems with the people who obtain the 
permits. Crimes by such folks involving their guns are statistically 

The number of crimes thwarted by legal gun-owners is not subject to 
precise figures because so many of them don't involve firing the gun and 
are often not even reported. Studies have indicated that upwards of 2 
million crimes a year are stopped by the possession of firearms by 
law-abiding citizens.

I carry a .40 caliber Glock most of the time. The Glock is the only 
semi-auto pistol I've tried that is reliable enough for self defense. 
Before buying my Glocks I was strictly a revolver man. I also have a 
nice selection of long guns, including an AR-15 and a tactical shotgun.


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