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Just trying to ping some people, to see who is alive on this list,
and to see if we can post to the list. :)

Some questions:

The Berlios page is still getting bug reports last we checked.  Is
there a reason why that page is still around?  Why not close down
most parts of it to not allow bug reports there?

There was a message from a Denis on this list, which nobody seemed
to reply to?  We remember seeing warzone icon files around, but
maybe that was @ the berlios page?  Actually, seems that the list
isn't used for much communication at all.  Is there another place
the devs talk to each other (IRC?)?

The IRC rooms seem dead?  Then it was said that another IRC room
was started, but it doesn't seem to be logged at all, as the
original one was.  So many of us are missing out on what is going
on, that is, if anything is going on at all.  Is there a reason why
the same bot can't log both rooms?

Who is in charge of each of the rooms since the split?  The logs
from the other room talks about they made the split since the
original room didn't enforce some kind of rule(s).  Don't all the
DEV people have OP status on both rooms though?

The editor.  We have read in the logs [see, logs are useful! ;)]
about it needing to be redone.  We haven't come across a list of
things that is broken with it, besides being made for windows only.
 We checked it out, and it uses a very old version of DirectX, and
worse, MFC code.  Whoever worked on it, and got it to work with
32bit colors, they must have had some experience.  Our guys laughed
at the code, and said it would be better to just redo it.   Then we
read at :
That he is working on a land/map editor.  Also seems to have
released the source code to that.  Has anyone given it a shot to
see if it will work with WZ?
This would seem to be a much better way to go.  Although it would
still need to be converted to use openGL.

>From everything we read, warzone & the use of .wz files are meant
to be for release builds correct?  The devs unpack the .wz for
normal builds to change things easier?

Is there a official "TO DO" list anyplace?  We don't know what/if
anyone is working on anything, so it is kind of hard to tell what
needs to be done.

We were asked about build packages, with all the things needed to
work with WZ in all the OSes.  That is covered on the linux side,
with some support for windows, but not the project files for using
Microsoft compilers.  Does anyone have everything needed to get WZ
to compile with VS2005 Free edition stashed someplace?

Is there information on what each dev member did?  Or must we sift
through the commit logs to see what they are doing?  We mention
this since if we have a specific question about some routine, it
would be easier to know who made the routine in the first place,
and talk to them directly!

Finally, a BIG THANKS to Kim Metcalfe, and all the hard work he has
done communicating with us, when others wouldn't.  He was also nice
enough to log the other channel for awhile--hope you keep that up.

Team DB : out!

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