On Tuesday, 12 September 2006 at 18:47, Fearthecute wrote:
> >  - The site is a bit too wide for 800x600, I'd guess about 20 pixels.
> Hm, i thought it ffits into a 800x600 screen, however,
> a new page is already in development.
> >  - The news page also contains a short description of Warzone, so on
> >    800x600 the first news gets just the lowest third of the screen and
> >    thus the second half isn't shown.
> This is because the News-Page is the starting page too,
> so that new people have an overview.
> 800x600 still exists today, i know, but its a bit out of time.
> I'll keep the compatiblity that the whole page fits into 800x600 screen,
> but i can't design the content for it anymore. Sorry. :(

It's not that important to me, I use 1600x1200 - it just looked like the
page could fit into 800x600 but it doesn't.

> >  - The start page of the wiki again includes the description (including
> >    the missing 'i' in Eidos Interactive). Since it is already included
> >    on the main (or about) page, I'd remove it completely.
> Thats true, a link on the wiki to the about page should reach.
                                       be enough, suffice ^^^^^
> I plan, with the new page, to change to a new Wiki-Software.
> Dokuwiki leaks speed (uses files instead off database) this pisses me
     lacks ^^^^^
> off sometimes and i think other users too.

I just had to correct you, just tell me to stop if you don't want that.

> >  - The links should be larger
> Thats your personal opinion. All font-size declarations are in 'EM',
> so you can easiely change the font size permanently on the client side.
> But i think on the new page i'll make them bigger.

Well, they are the most important thing on that page, so they should be
somehow prominent.

> >  - More links! There were some pages linked from the forum no other wiki
> >    page links to.
> Ehhh, i hate mass linking.

Oh, weapons of mass linking! Woe be us! Ehm, sorry, I don't know where
that came from.

Seriously, what do you mean with "mass linking"? I don't want a mass of
links, but every page should be linked to somewhere in the wiki, not
just from one forum post.

> I'll try to seperate the linking depth.
> This means new users have a 'easy to understand' overview to the most
> important sections. (Downloads, FAQ, Forum, about <whatever>)
> And advanced users which go deeper into the site will get more categorized
> links. (Webdesign is a pain...)

I think we mean the same here.

> >  - More content. The playing page should at least include a link to the
> >    manual in coyotes doc collection, possibly a version of the manual
> >    adapted to our changes.
> Yes, we totally leak content and documentation.
> My whish is, to concentrate all together.
> I like lav's docs project, but i would like also if he would port
> it the the 'main' site. Maybe the wiki for example.
> Bu i don't know if Lav will/would do that :(

Woe be us! As good as it is, Coyote's docs are mostly about the retail
version of Warzone; it'd need far more effort to adapt it to the GPL
version than just to enter all information into the wiki. And in it's
current state I think there is too much irrelevant information in there.

That which is not good for the swarm, neither is it good for the bee.

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