Am Sonntag, 24. September 2006 03:29 schrieb Ari Johnson:
> Something that changed between r390 and r391 causes the game to crash
> before showing the splash screen on Macs.  As this was a massive,
> mostly-header-file update, I am not sure what's going on.
My fault...

> The crash occurs on the call to SDL_SetVideoMode in screen.c, line 166.
> Some research indicates that the problem is caused by the
> <SDL/SDL_main.h> file doing some magic to main() on MacOS.  Including
> <SDL/SDL_main.h> in lib/ivis_opengl/screen.h (which main.c includes
> with a big FIXME complaining about it) fixes the crash.
Including SDL_main into main.c does not?

> I know that we are not fond of putting an SDL include in main.c, but
> somehow <SDL/SDL_main.h> must be included by the file containing the
> main() function.  Are there any proposals to deal with this?
Why don't we want to include SDL_main in main.c? Does that do any harm?


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