Am Sonntag, 19. November 2006 18:06 schrieb Giel van Schijndel:
> Troman schreef:
> > Let me know if 'last_called_script_event' warnings are still there.
> > I'm not sure what's wrong with 'result' though, maybe i'm just blind
> > or linker is going berserk.
> >
> > Troman
> The `result' errors are still there.
> The main difference there that causes these linker errors seems to be
> the tight integration of `INTERP_VAL result' in these files:
> src/scriptai.c src/scriptcb.c src/scriptfuncs.c src/scriptobj.c
> Just look through this diff:
> You'll see that `result' is being used quite heavily to replace numerous
> variables, it seems however that the linker is trying to assign the
> exact same memory address to these instances of `result', which is in
> effect triggering the linker errors. (Or something like it, I believe
> I've stated before I'm far from an expert on fixing linker errors.)
The "result" didn't look static. Which means that it becomes a global symbol, 
which then clashes with the other global "result" symbols in the other 
files... No magic involved.
Just mark that result static and the linker errors will go away.


PS:  You may hit me if I'm wrong. ;)

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