Am Sonntag, 26. November 2006 18:11 schrieb Stefan Huehner:
> Hi,
> attached patch removes some unused parameters from function in ivis.
> -extern iIMDShape *iV_IMDLoad(char *filename, iBool palkeep);
> -extern iIMDShape *iV_ProcessIMD(char **ppFileData, char *FileDataEnd,
> -                                char *IMDpath, char *PCXpath, iBool
> palkeep); +extern iIMDShape *iV_IMDLoad(char *filename);
> +extern iIMDShape *iV_ProcessIMD(char **ppFileData, char *FileDataEnd);
> while removing these parameters some code in the callers is now also unused
> and is removed: i.E. the iV_setImagePatch.
> Please comment, if anyone plans to use this parms and they should stay...
I think those parameters are quite old. Probably still from the original 1.10 
version, when PCX files and paletted colours were used.
(I don't intend to use them. ;) )


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