On Sun, Nov 26, 2006 at 06:11:36PM +0100, Stefan Huehner wrote:
> Hi,
> attached patch removes some unused parameters from function in ivis.
> -extern iIMDShape *iV_IMDLoad(char *filename, iBool palkeep);
> -extern iIMDShape *iV_ProcessIMD(char **ppFileData, char *FileDataEnd,
> -                                char *IMDpath, char *PCXpath, iBool palkeep);
> +extern iIMDShape *iV_IMDLoad(char *filename);
> +extern iIMDShape *iV_ProcessIMD(char **ppFileData, char *FileDataEnd);
> while removing these parameters some code in the callers is now also unused 
> and is removed: i.E. the iV_setImagePatch.
> Please comment, if anyone plans to use this parms and they should stay...

The only received comment was by Dennis that he doesn't need this code.
If noone object i'll commit this  soon.


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