Am Montag, 25. Dezember 2006 23:12 schrieb Giel van Schijndel:
> Attached I have a patch that fixes the triple displayed power bar, bug
> #7980 (
Ouch, looks like a copy&paste problem. :(
But still I wonder: Is the powerbar drawn 3 times or why didn't it suddenly 
show up threefold?

> The second attached patch increases the time that console messages
> (multi-player chat text among them) is displayed for a long time. This
> because the current time (3 seconds) really is too short for multi-play
> chat text (3 seconds atm). Therefore I have increased this time to eight
> seconds. Although it maybe should be turned into a runtime setting
> instead (rather than compile-time definition).
I allways disliked those short messages, but never went into the code to fix 
it. Thanks!


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