I don't think it is a good idea to combine different weapon types, like
> AA/Arty/Direct weapons on a single unit, unless we offer player a way to
> assign targets separately for each turret, which we currently can't (and
> which is probably not trivial unit-ai-wise). I'm sure when the multi-turret
> feature is released one of the first requests will be such a feature though.

Manual-assign targets will be too complex for players,with 1 target you
just select your unit first then left-click on the enemy unit/building and
your 'manual-target-assignment' is done,while with multiple weapons you have
to do this number of DROID_MAXWEAPS times,not to mention some weird keycombo
that is needed to pressed while doing that...

(A bit offtopic)
If we are to implement such a feature I can think of a following
implementation: we enumerate either droid turret slots or turret types:
AA/Direct weapons/Indirect weapons/Service (ie repair turret/construction
turret etc).

If we enumerate turret slots, the player selects units then presses
alt+<number> to select turret slot and then he chooses target for selected
turrets. This way one could put direct weapons on turret slot 1 and AA
weapons on slot 2. Pressing alt+2 would mark AA weapons of the selected
units as selected turret.

In case of weapon type enumeration, _all_ AA weapon slots would be
selected ragardless of their slot index, if player presses

That still doesn't eliminate conflicting situation between different
weapons though. Maybe marking first weapon slot as default one (or the last
slot that was given a new target) would solve it.


yep we need a main/default weapon_slot to control the movement of the
droid(currently using '0').

The weapon combo a droid is a bit messy for current wz,the idea of
multi-weapon/multi-target is to improve the combat capacity vs multiple
different types of targets of a droid with zero/little human player
'intervention'.In 'stock' wz it seems there is only 1 'type' of target(all
units are 'droids' and certain weapons are not exceptionally good vs certain
units/armor or completely useless vs certain units/armor,e.g:mg's just
'counter' everything in game),so this is not very useful imo.

I am not sure if combinating 'utility' turret and 'combat' turret is a good
idea or not,since the 'utility' turret will have always to be '0' due to the
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