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I do have a spreadsheet with per file comments on some of the files
(which probably only I can understand fully atm).
>> Well this will entirely depend on how we implement it of course.
>> Although I personally like the idea of a GUI for setting up games (I
>> think this might even aid in processing debug dumps, although that's
>> a different topic).
> My idea was like a game starting parameter.
> That the GUI starts warzone then with --startmp --ip etc...
> However, i think this is extensible.
I was thinking of something similar, however I personally dislike
command line parsing (or any parsing really, that's why I usually
delegate parsing tasks to libraries).

I think letting frontend gui to 'generate' commandline options are harmless
and will help novice ppl who doesnt have a clue how to add commandline
options to short/adding trailing flags in console/terminal etc

So you're suggesting to run a database backend with accountdata on
>> the lobby server as well? Sounds nice for statistics. It only should
>> not be mandatory to have an account IMO.
> In the current TA-Spring an account is afaik needed.
> Maybe we can took it out or make it a simple account creation.
> (Without E-Mail opt-in) Means, just register a username + password and
> lets go.
Should be easy to take out from what I've seen of it, this can also be
made optional rather easy (just create a default "anonymous" account
which all non-authenticated clients will operate from).

What kind of benefits are you thinking of? Besides _having_ a lobby
>> server for matchmaking and possibly gathering statistics.
> Some (most?) of the work would be already done. And it is afaik stable.
> (Last time i play TA-Spring, there where many people)
The fact that lots of people use something guarantees nothing about its
stability or quality. Just look at the whole large bunch of software
products delivered by a certain company in Redmond, Chicago.

Plus when looking at the source code I'd almost think it was made by
someone who was *forced* to program in an Object Oriented manner while
he/she doesn't have the slightest clue how to even begin with OOP (well
at least some parts of the code look like a C programmer trying to write
C++). In other words it might run stable, it most certainly looks
awfully difficult to manage. I'm not saying Warzone is easy to manage
(on the contrary!). I'm just suggesting: reuse only the good parts (if
the license of TASprings permits it) and create the rest for ourselves.

Plus I'm really not sure if I would want to depend on a virtual machine
for executing my code.

Oh and using bubble sort really doesn't look professional to me.
Especially not when you even provide a link to a wikipedia article which
explains in full detail how it works and that it basically is a
bad/inefficient algorithm.

imo bubble sort is not a bad algorithm...for sure it might not be as fast as
the relative complex ones under certain circumstances,but it doesnt have the
worst case like other algorimeths,which makes it useful for sorting unknown
size of data members...besides,the server is not going to do this kind of
sort operation every second or every frame like a client-side server list
viewer does,so any complex sort implementation would be a waste of time...

And i'm surly not interested in gathering statistics, but i think a
> ranking system etc... would be a 'nice to have'.
Erm, a ranking system is similar to a statistics system with predefined
sorting system. But that could all be delegated to a database (when
you're programming a server it probably wouldn't be problematic if we'd
require a database server running as backend, e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL and
possibly as fallback SQLite).

Anyway statistics gather would be rather easy, verifying the data would
be more difficult (unless you want to actually host the games as well!).

I think we can simply discard any invalid end-game-info(winners,losers
accounts info,timelasted etc),most commercial games just aggressively ban
any clients that send such modified info(alter the net packet data
bits before sending to master server),though we just need to discard them
mercifully =)
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