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>> Angus Lees schreef:
>> > On 4/23/07, *Per Inge Mathisen* <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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>> >> On 4/23/07, Giel van Schijndel <[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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>> >> wrote:
>> >>>  * Use a variable sized array for the scanline array
>> >> Much as I like variable size arrays, this will break MSVC 
>> >> since MSVC does not support this (it is not a C99-compatible 
>> >> which really sucks).
>> > alloca() ?
>> alloca isn't even standard C, although most _modern_ C compilers 
>> it. Most compilers that support variable sized arrays define 
>those in
>> terms of alloca. So someone who was MSVC will have to confirm 
>> alloca works with MSVC first.
>> Also on Microsoft's page for the C RunTime library reference for 
>> they state at the end of the first section (on this page
>> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/abx4dbyh(VS.80).aspx ):
>> "This version of Visual C++ is not conformant with the C99 
>> It seems that Microsoft is almost not working at their C-
>compiler any
>> more. So I'm wondering should we support a compiler that isn't 
>> by their developers anymore?
>> --
>> Giel
>ofcourse we should,many users including myself uses MSVC to 
>compile,and I
>couldnt recall any free software I have used doesnt support MSVC

MSVC has best editor/debugger around.  Download the free express 
version, and you will see it really is excellent.

I no see real reason for use C99 specific code though, sometime it 
is bit easier, but only gcc supports it.  Original code is pure C, 
so will be shame to fork project if C99 will be used. :(

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