Christian Ohm schreef:
> Hello again,
> 1. It might not be the best of ideas to call a file "png.h" when
> includes don't use path names. The current trunk doesn't compile for me,
> it can't find /usr/include/png.h because of lib/ivis_common/png.h. A
> fast fix is to include /usr/include/png.h in lib/ivis_common/png.c.
Renamed png.* to png_util.* that should fix the nameclash.
> 2. gcc 4.2 complains about "audp_lval.sval[audp_leng-2] = (char) NULL;"
> in lib/gamelib/audp_lexer.l". I've attached a patch to fix it, but
> perhaps there's a better solution than just changing the cast to a 0.
Doesn't simply using NULL (without the cast) work?
> 3. g++ doesn't like "template" as a variable name and wants a few casts.
> Patch attached.
Removed use of the template keyword.

I am however still wondering why you're patch removes the "inline"
keyword in mapgrid.c.


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