On Monday, 30 April 2007 at 16:17, Giel van Schijndel wrote:
> > 2. gcc 4.2 complains about "audp_lval.sval[audp_leng-2] = (char) NULL;"
> > in lib/gamelib/audp_lexer.l". I've attached a patch to fix it, but
> > perhaps there's a better solution than just changing the cast to a 0.
> >   
> Doesn't simply using NULL (without the cast) work?

No. Warning as is: "audp_lexer.l:104: warning: cast from pointer to
integer of different size", and with only NULL: "audp_lexer.l:104:
warning: assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast". So the
result is supposed to be an integer, and using NULL doesn't really make
sense there (not to speak of then casting it to char...).

> > 3. g++ doesn't like "template" as a variable name and wants a few casts.
> > Patch attached.
> I am however still wondering why you're patch removes the "inline"
> keyword in mapgrid.c.

Good question. I think the linker couldn't find gridIterate when it was
inlined. Unfortunately my system decided to inundate me with "invalid
conversion" errors when using g++ now (which didn't show up before, and
are not Warzone related), so i cannot test it...

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