I no sure if I am only one, but game not playable with all asserts 
going off.  Would be better to still assert, and then activate a 
forced crash so we can find all problems? We need this so we can 
get stack dump, to find what is going on.
(in debug builds, so not to mess release builds)
I have to go back hundreds of revision to get back to playable game.

Problem must be stack corruption some place I think.  Maybe bad 
code, but we must fix problems, back to a playable state.

Maybe devs will stop with code modification and now everyone go on 
bug(s) hunt?

Also, is possible for svn to know dependancy of files?  I mean if 
someone change xxx.c and xxx.h and we revert back xxx.c but not 
xxx.h because we don't know right away if what change in xxx.h is 

The other idea I have is to start from known working codebase 
(first import from berlios?), and then add patch 1 by 1, but this 
takes very long time for 1 persons to do.

How do we fix this?

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