On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 19:50:04 -0400 Giel van Schijndel 
>>> So the one 
>>> and only SDL_delay call will never have ANY effect on 2nd loop.
>This really is the most important info you've given by now. This
>explains where the problem is, know if only we knew what you mean 
>"2nd loop", we can look at the problem ourselves.

I show patch, maybe it lost.  In loop.c, where I add the removed 
SDL_Delay().  That is 2nd loop I was talk about.  
Main game loop is one with the only SDL_Delay().

>>> Yes, I know another way to fix this, but ...
>Please elaborate on that, rather than this one "call SDL_Delay"
>solution. It most likely is more interesting.
You could just do framerate=1; then on resume framerate = default.
But for other reasons, this not best.  Pointer will be too slow now.

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