Dennis Schridde schreef:
> On Wednesday 03 September 2008 04:48:33 bugs buggy wrote:
>> I was looking for a good way to have the FMVs play on all platforms, with
>> no sync issues, and I came across liboggplay.
>> liboggplay :
> NOT in Portage

Debian doesn't have it either.

>> liboggz :
> In Portage, 0.9.5

Debian Lenny: 0.9.8

>> libfishsound :
> In Portage, 0.9.1

Debian Lenny: 0.9.1

>> libtheora :
> In Portage, 1.0_beta3

Debian Lenny: 1.0~beta3

> So someone probably should either find how oggplay is named on Gentoo (in 
> case 
> I just did not look correctly), or add an ebuild of it.

It's not in Debian either, so a RFP (Request For Packaging) should
probably be filed.


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