#96: Game crashes after loading saved games
        Reporter:  bearda     |        Type:  defect          
          Status:  new        |    Priority:  major           
       Milestone:             |   Component:  Campaign        
         Version:  svn/trunk  |    Keywords:  save, crash, mac
Operating_system:  Mac OS     |  
 Using the latest trunk code on a Mac OS X machine (10.5.3, G4 mac mini).

 Loading a saved game results in a crash most of the time with the
 following error on console:

 error   : [dirDiff] dirDiff: result out of range
 error   : [dirDiff] Assert in Warzone:
 (retval >=0 && retval <=180), last script event: 'N/A'
 Assertion failed: (retval >=0 && retval <=180), function dirDiff, file
 /Users/freddie/Documents/Programming/Warzone2.1/macosx/../src/move.c, line
 Abort trap

 Further investigation suggests that the bumpDir element of many saved
 droids has an invalid value (not 0-360), causing the assertion in move.c
 to fail.  Inserting checks when bumpDir is read from the filesystem to
 make sure it falls in a valid range and resetting it to 0 if it doesn't
 seems to avoid the assert fail but doesn't explain why the bad values are
 being read in the first place.

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