Am Samstag, 29. November 2008 17:27:15 schrieb Freddie Witherden:
> Hi,
> > While it's better than the current way, the problem with such a scheme
> > is that it only allows one mod at a time. I much prefer the old
> > Warzone way of simply renaming the mod to enable/disable it.
> > Double-clicking it could even toggle its enable/disable state.
> Mixing and matching mods is never a good idea. If we encouraged it
> then it would just lead to more useless bug reports.
That's all the fun. ;) Multiple mods. Of course there'd be incompatibilities, 
but that should not concern us, as long as we are not causing them.

> > Other suggestions include simply bundling a separate mod manager (like
> > the old Warzone Launcher), or including a mod manager in-game. The
> > game should at least report in the main menu which mods are active.
> Can do.
> >> And another request, is it possible to register additional protocols
> >> on linux/max, like "warzone://<ip>:<port>" so that we can fire up
> >> warzone from a server-list inside the browser, for example?
> Not really. It is possible on Windows but that's about it.
Doesn't XDG define a way for that to work?

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