On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 09:29:43PM +0100, Kamaze wrote:
> Windows:
>  * Minimal installer: Includes only the base files, with the ability
>    to download the Music/Mods while installing, containing a guide
>    where people can get (URL) the Music and FMV packages and where
>    they have to put/copy them to make them work.
>  * Full installer: Includes everything, Game, Music, FMVs and a zip
>    file which contains the source of the release. (excepting the
>    "/data" directory, there should be a small textfile, explaining
>    that the data is already delivered in the warzone.wz and mp.wz
>    which are simple zip files, so that we don't deliver it twice) The
>    full installer is basically for redistribution on game magazines
>    for example.

Simple answer: no.

Longer answer: this will introduce lots of complexity and will gain us
next to nothing. Not to mention that I don't seen any users (e.g. on the
forums) expressing a need for this. Also keep in mind that if you
present this proposal as such on the forums with a poll "do yo want
this?" "yes/no", the answer will most likely be yes.

Before implenting this I want it to gain *us* something, or have users
themselves actively asking for it. Any other reason would, IMO, be
a symptom of featuritis.

> Linux/Mac:
>  * Split the game into 3 packages: "warzone-base.deb",
>    "warzone-music.deb", "warzone-fmv.deb" for example. The base
>    package should also deliver a shell/python script which can be
>    executed to check for & auto download the music.wz and fmv.wz.
> Or maybe merge the Music and FMV's into one package.

if by 'warzone-base.deb' you mean all data except for music (and later
videos) then you just described the current packaging state in Debian.
You might want to talk with Paul Wise about this (pabs on IRC).

Other than that I think we should "impose" our packaging wishes on
distributors as little as possible.


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