Hello everyone,

I have set up a project at at http://gitorious.org/projects/warzone2100
the "mainline" repository[1] is a mirror of svn and the "gerard_" 
repository[2] is to be my public repository where my bugs will appear 
(and hopefully some features). Trunk is now called master. Note that if 
you are not happy with my choice of Gitorious, nothing will prevent you 
from hosting your repository elsewhere and some day we might use that 
one as "mainline". Ah, the freedom.

Please test if cloning the repository works for you. If you like, you 
can clone the mainline repository on Gitorious (one click+entering a 
name) and use that as your public repository (push to it), any changes 
can be pulled into the mainline repository when we switch.

Finally, we need to decide what to do with the "mainline" repository. 
Devurandom has convinced me that a shared repository (with multiple 
people pushing to) does not work well with git. We thus need someone who 
regularly (at least once a week, but preferable every few days) pulls 
from the developers repositories, tests the result, and pushes to 
mainline. That way we still have an "official" development version. I 
can do this for maybe a few weeks, but I'm really not the man for the 
job as I could have one of my "few month breaks" at any time.

Anyone who has strong objections against switching to git, please speak 
up now! If everyone agrees I will ask Devurandom to set the svn 
repository to read only and we will see how it goes from there. Any 
advice is welcome, as I don't have any experience with using git for a 
project like this.



PS. Devurandom: Gitorious wasn't slow, it was just my ADSL connection 
that decided to switch to a lower bitrate.

[1] mainline: git://gitorious.org/warzone2100/mainline.git
[2] gerard_: git://gitorious.org/warzone2100/gerard_.git

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