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Am Freitag, 13. März 2009 11:16:30 schrieb Gerard Krol:
> Please test if cloning the repository works for you. If you like, you
> can clone the mainline repository on Gitorious (one click+entering a
> name) 
For those who do not immediately figure it out:
On the right side is a button "Clone repository".

> Finally, we need to decide what to do with the "mainline" repository.
> Devurandom has convinced me that a shared repository (with multiple
> people pushing to) does not work well with git. We thus need someone who
> regularly (at least once a week, but preferable every few days) pulls
> from the developers repositories, tests the result, and pushes to
> mainline. That way we still have an "official" development version. I
> can do this for maybe a few weeks, but I'm really not the man for the
> job as I could have one of my "few month breaks" at any time.
We could rotate the job. ;)
Whoever has the time is assigned to do it for a month and then it is passed to 
the next in the active-chain.

Is someone used to the Signed-Off-By system and knows how it works? Maybe we 
could use that to assist QA a bit. Or get users to mark problematic 

(What I currently think about is, when Joe User experiences unexpected crashes 
in devurandom's repository, he marks it with a comment. Far from ideal and 
just a sketchup, but you get the idea.)

What Gerard and I thought about was an even simpler system though:
Let people dynamically decide where to fetch from.
If they find my repository to be most stable and up-to-date (I doubt it...), 
they will fetch from me. If they think Per's is better, they will use his.
For releases we will appoint a release maintainer, who will receive merge 
requests and prepare an official version.
So while things based on master are pretty loose, you have one 
person/repository responsible for any release branch. That's exactly one place 
to send people to.
I'd like to see your comments.


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