Hey, guys.

Some guy named Alex Macen wants to interview one of us. He wants to
interview a dev who's been here a while, so that's probably Per. Per,
are you up to it? If not, it's probably gonna be either cybersphinx or

Anyway, here's his message:




My name is Alex, and I spoke and was referred by the Developer Zarel
to send out a message here for more information and assistance

I'm an article writer at the News and Informational site Brighthub
(http://www.brighthub). I've been an actual fan and player of Warzone
from its debut in 1999, and the Open Source edition developed by the
WZ2100 team several years ago and up to the present. I want to write a
2-3 page article describing the history of Wz2100's development, from
its original plan to revive after its movement to open source and
ditching by Ubisoft. Through its development and up to the present,
where the game is now near complete and comparably more advanced to
the original, but with all the original art and music (video
cut-scenes, music, and audio from the original which was also released

If there are any developers (I would prefer 1 interview but can always
do it in two parts with two people if that is necessary to cover the
full history) who can provide me an interview to discuss Warzone's
Open Source development, It'd be a great addition to the article,
which I can follow up with a well written review of the software, and
its features and uniqueness, compared to a current time when RTSes
have taken a back burner by many developers (I myself cant find any
decent RTSes as of recent release).

I'd appreciate the help and hope this would boost your SEO and
popularity. Please let me know if we can chat for the interview, I am
reachable via MSN, IRC, AIM, and Wz2100.net Forum PM, and Email.

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