Cheny Luo wrote:
> =====
> I'm an article writer at the News and Informational site Brighthub 
> (http://www.brighthub).
Ah, yeah. Probably .

> I've been an actual fan and player of Warzone from its debut in 1999, and the
>  Open Source edition developed by the WZ2100 team several years ago and up to
>  the present.
Yeah, open source "edition"? ~.~

> I want to write a 2-3 page article describing the history of Wz2100's 
> development, from its original plan to revive after its movement to open 
> source and ditching by Ubisoft.
For the development history Pumpkin's developers are needed. And, no, Ubisoft
has nothing to do with Warzone 2100 at all.

In case he's reading it.

- Kreuvf

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