#769: Add a "north" pointer for the radar
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     Type:  enhancement  |             Status:  new             
 Priority:  major        |          Milestone:  2.2.2           
Component:  Engine: GUI  |            Version:  svn/2.2         
 Keywords:               |   Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific
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 Just a little enhancement, I have *no* idea what we want to use, right
  now, it is basically a "^" (which may be hard to see).  (someone may want
  to fix the image, and adjust the draw routine, if it is bigger than what
  It will rotate with the radar, so it always shows north.

  This was just a spur of the moment type of thing, so it hasn't been well
  tested on all maps...which is why I am making this ticket. :)

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