#778: New feature: Challenges
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 This patch adds the beginnings of a "Challenge" single player game mode.
  It adds fixed game setups with a running timer, which becomes a game
  score. The faster you can finish the challenge, the better the score.
  However, if you have been unable to finish the challenge, then the higher
  the score is better (you survived it longer)!

  Challenges are setup in INI files in a challenges/ directory. See the
  sample challenge as an example of what options exist. Additional
  challenges can be added as mods.


  * Need to display and store best scores for each challenge

  * Improve challenge GUI. Currently using a cloned load/save dialog for

  * Consider adding MP challenges as well.

  * Autogenerate an HTML battle report for easy pasting of your worthy

  Feedback on this idea and implementation so far needed.

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