#838: AI trucks in a deadlock
        Reporter:  wz_dude2100  |        Type:  defect                
          Status:  new          |    Priority:  major                 
       Milestone:  unspecified  |   Component:  Engine: Scripting / AI
         Version:  2.2.1        |    Keywords:                        
Operating_system:  GNU/Linux    |   Blockedby:                        
        Blocking:               |  
 I played a skirmish with map "8P Sk-ThePit-T1" with 7 AIs. After I got the
 satellite link I saw near every AI headquarter a few trucks and/or
 construction droids being in a corner, moving/spinning a little bit but
 doing nothing. I did some debuging and found that all these trucks/droids
 were set on DORDER_BUILD. The coordinates where they should build the
 structures pointed to the top of a plateau nearby their HQ. The problem is
 that this map offers no path for the trucks/droids to get there, but they
 don't realize it and get never released.

 Tested versions:

 Version r0 - Built Jun 22 2009

 Version TRUNK r7950

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