Am 02.01.2010 19:03, schrieb Dennis Schridde:
> Hello!
> Am Samstag, 2. Januar 2010 18:07:36 schrieb Daniel Kliman:
> Kamaze likes to maintain a server and provide us with hosting. (At least last
> time I talked to him.)

I still do, but i'm always pretty short in time when people want 
something for the website, because they always ask a few weeks before my 
exams. Also, i'm absolutly unhappy with the current situation, which is 
nothing more than a temporary solution. As soon as I got/made the right 
software, and a nice theme, there will be a bigger overhaul.

We dropped our MediaWiki because some developers liked Trac's wiki and 
started to put stuff there. As result, we had 2 wikis running, some 
information was located in the Trac wiki and some in the MediaWiki. And 
because Trac was essential, MediaWiki lost the game.


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