#1551: Improve map errors handling
        Reporter:  KukY              |        Type:  to-do     
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  major     
       Milestone:  2.3               |   Component:  Data: Maps
         Version:  2.3 beta 9        |    Keywords:            
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:            
        Blocking:                    |  
 There are lots of maps that look great but won't load only beacuse of a
 single error.


 error   |05:42:59: [buildFeature] Oil Resource(4369) already placed at
 (175+1, 59+1) when trying to place Oil Resource(161152) at (175+1, 59+1) -
 removing it
 error   |05:42:59: [buildFeature] Oil Drum(7212) already placed at (171+1,
 56+1) when trying to place Oil Drum(166296) at (171+1, 56+1) - removing it
 error   |05:42:59: [buildStructure] Player 1 (AI): is building WallTower-
 Rail3 at (79, 89) but found WallTower-Rail3 already at (79, 89)
 error   |05:42:59: [loadSaveStructureV7] Unable to create structure
 error   |05:42:59: [loadSaveStructureV7] Assert in Warzone:
 ../../../src/game.c:7007 (psStructure), last script event: '<none>'
 error   |05:42:59: [startMission] Unable to load mission file
 fatal   |05:42:59: [startGameLoop] Shutting down after failure

 There is a feature placed, another feature is over it.

 Game skips placing that feature and continues.

 There is a structure placed, another structure is over it.

 Instead of skipping placing that structure and continueing, game crashes.

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