Am 27.02.2010 21:18, schrieb C yp:
> That is, if a droid does something on one client, it should actually do
> the exactly same thing on the other client, instead of randomly
> exploding or moving in the wrong direction. Same for projectiles, if you
> see a projectile hitting something, or missing, on one client, the
> projectile does the same thing on the other client. Exact
> synchronisation is verified by sending a CRC of the positions of all
> droids and structures, and confirming that all clients calculate the
> same CRC each tick.

TA-Spring has a lot of stuff done with simultaneous simulation. It might 
interesting to take a look there.

> The 32-bit x86 platform will probably need the -msse -mfpmath=sse
> compile flags (or the equivalent for whatever compiler you use) to get
> consistent results, and will need to not be compiled with -ffast-math or
> similar. This is because floating point calculations need to give
> identical results on all machines.

There is a library (STREFLOP) available for this:

I guess that I found it once in the Spring-RTS as well.

- Kamaze

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