buginator wrote:
> Since we have a ton of feature requests in trac, I thought it might be
> nice to start up a IdeaTorrent on our SF site.
> "IdeaTorrent is what can be defined as an "open innovation software":
> it lets people submit their ideas, brainstorm them, and vote on them."
We don't need more ideas, we need more implementers! Just take a look at all the
proposal pages in the trac-wiki.

> Thoughts?
I dislike all this information scattering and if you ask the community they'll
always be for it :/ (It's like a present for them :P)

On the other hand: It's impossible for me to keep track of _all_ the stuff we
already have (IRC, ML, forums, tickets, wiki, guide, SVN), so it would just add
one more item to the list :P

- Kreuvf

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