On Mon, 2010-03-08 at 01:00 -0500, buginator wrote:
> Since we have a ton of feature requests in trac, I thought it might be
> nice to start up a IdeaTorrent on our SF site.
> "IdeaTorrent is what can be defined as an "open innovation software":
> it lets people submit their ideas, brainstorm them, and vote on them."
> And for the next 2.3 release, I am thinking we should add more logging
> calls to the template code (hey, it worked for the net code), and even
> a specific console command to dump the current templates to disk when
> people notice the borg leg issue (via a "legs" command).
> We just don't have enough people to test what is going on, and I guess
> it happens more often if you play 6+ people games.

Quality Analysis require testers, if not at least a good testing

i have difficulty on tracking what thing i should try to debug
using present tools, sorry. Trac does not do it for me, pointer would
be welcome.

i am looking at if i can make contribution for the testing automation.
i think recording session and be able to replay for developer 
would be great.

some recorded session would then be used to check patches before
been allow to commit.

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