On 5/18/10, dak180  wrote:
> On the font corruption issue, as the Qt example programs seem to have on 
> issues on the mac and that it only effects the menu title text and not any of 
> the others I doubt that it is a driver issue.

Actually, looking at the examples, none of those do what we do, so
that isn't really a valid comparison.  Possible Qt bug, or driver, or
it is just a quirk that it works on windows & linux.

>  On the mater of input issues my take is that the way Qt does things is the 
> right way to go.
>  Where one would use the ctrl key on other operating systems one uses the cmd 
> key on the mac; for example to paste on the mac one uses cmd+v, not ctrl+v.
>  Since this is working right now and making it work otherwise would involve 
> ugly hacks I do not think this should be changed.
>  The only thing to keep in mind is that there are three reserved shortcuts: 
> cmd+q (quits the program), cmd+h (hides the program) & opt+cmd+h (hides all 
> other programs).
>  The mac option (⌥) key is traditionally a tricky beast as it preforms the 
> functions of both the alt key and the altgr key, as such the option key is 
> never used by its self in a shortcut but rather in combination with the cmd 
> (⌘).

Either way, we will have to have mac specific hacks, and if we go the
non SDL way, then we need to update the docs for mac users.
The reserved key issues is also troublesome, and we are getting into
more mac specific hacks to avoid those (if that is possible).

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