#1895: Unbalance/Limits needed for MP
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       Milestone:  2.3.1             |   Component:  Engine: other              
         Version:  2.3.0             |    Keywords:  multi player limit s vs 
versus maps units numbers large groups rush
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 Can you please set some limits in multi-player by this standards:
 1 - Restricted number of cyborgs/vehicles/vtols

 Because: They make lag on some computers and sometimes even gets crash. I
 think that some hosts got that problem because of too many calculating
 where units should move,too many 3D polygons and fired weapons,internet

 2 - Restricted number of some buildings.

 Because: Of spawning cannon fortresss and that should valid for other
 types of fortresses! Also there should  be limited strong AA SAM buildings
 because sometimes there is in huge numbers and makes lag when somebody
 does airattack and 50 to 100 sams shots and then comes alot of internet
 data to procces and makes internet lag!

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