#1924: Assigning a Cyborg Transport to a Commander Bug
        Reporter:  tgroo...@…            |        Type:  bug                    
          Status:  new                   |    Priority:  major                  
       Milestone:  unspecified           |   Component:  Data: Scripts          
         Version:  2.3.1                 |    Keywords:  Cyborg Transport 
Commander Unload Bug Crash
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific      |   Blockedby:                         
        Blocking:                        |  
 When you assign an empty cyborg transport to a commander that has units
 assigned, you can open the transport's menu and you will see the
 commander's assigned units in the menu. This can be accomplished by
 assigning a VTOL Factory's delivery point as the commander and building a
 transport. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Attempting to
 "unload" those units results in a crash with no errors or warnings.

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