On 7/27/10, Per Inge Mathisen <> wrote:
> Let's keep our cool for a bit and see if more bloopers surface before
>  we rush to re-release anything.
>  Then we can push out 2.3.3 next weekend, hopefully this time with some
>  actual testing done. Although I cannot promise anything in that
>  department -- Starcraft 2 just came out.

Just a note, the blockers that are left are:
http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/2029  (trivial fix, didn't check
for player 9 (features))
http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/2037 (which is a big issue, since
people can't continue the SP game.)
For the fix on this one, we can either revert all fixes, and the
original patch, http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/1971 or we won't be
able to do a release tomorrow.
Zarel is working on this though, and perhaps he can come up with a fix.

Anyone else know of anything else that is still a blocker ?

On another note, there is another issue, that has to do with TCP, and
how it blocks.
The fix for this isn't so easy, even setting all sockets to
non-blocking, and use polling to determine if done won't solve all the
blocking issues that can happen.

I don't think newnet does anything different in this area either.

We could spawn a thread for each player and have a main network
handler event loop that queues everything up to prevent blocks, but
this isn't easy to code, and would pretty much force us to enter beta
mode again (2.4 beta 1 or ??).
Other ideas is, use raknet, or switch to UDP, but those also force us
to enter beta mode as well.
Other options ?

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