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Today, we release 2.3.3, and we strongly urge you to upgrade
immediately, since it corrects a memory corruption bug that has been
present throughout the 2.3 series. The two problems of 2.3.2, errors
with burn damage and map loading, have also been fixed, though that
means that for now, the Sk- prefixes are back. This release will not
be able to load skirmish games saved in 2.3.2, but the next release
will be able to.

2010-08-01: Version 2.3.3
 * General:
   * Fix: Prevent out of bounds access of player stat arrays that
would corrupt random memory (r11322, ticket:2029)
   * Fix: Burn damage calculations (r11303)
 * UI:
   * Revert: Don't show "Sk-" and "-T1" in the map chooser (r11112,
r11202, r11206)
 * Translations:
   * New: Korean (r11349)
   * Updated: Polish (r11348)


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