#2363: AI Remains weak, depsite researching deep into Tech Tree
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 I just downloaded v2.3.6 and played a skirmish game. I used a protracted
 turtle strategy, mainly looking to see how the various units match up
 against defenses and so on.  I also wanted to try playing on a map, which
 I know has triggered WZ v2.3.x to crash in the past (so far, no issues
 with the map in v2.3.6). The attached game is a 4-player skirmish FFA,
 that started as T1 with all 3 AIs set to maximum strength. The map
 provides ample power resources to build sizable armies and defenses. Here
 are some issues I've noticed with the AI's play.

 1. None of the 3 AI players built any Anti-Aircraft defensive structures.
 I mean none at all--not one emplacement on the map anywhere. Now all three
 do use MG and Lancer Cyborgs, which have AA capability, but the I would
 expect them to also build Whirlwinds, Cyclones, Sunburst, Flak Guns, or
 Vindicators as power and truck usage permits.

 2. None of the 3 AI players built any artillery. Not even so much as a
 mortar emplacement.

 3. The Green AI simply gave up and quit playing. He's not attacking
 anyone. I will attach a screen grab of his base and units. Sure, I smacked
 him around a little bit, but he still has 24 working Oil derricks and all
 of his base buildings.  He was active early on, but at the point I saved
 the game, none of his units are moving at all. During the whole time I
 type this report, the game is open in the background, and his units still
 are not moving (unless enemy units approach and attack).

 4. None of the 3 AI players has advanced beyond Scorpion medium bodies. In
 fact, all of the ground-based units are still Lancer-Viper bodies.

 5. None of the 3 AI players are using Cannon Tanks of any kind. Ground-
 based units are all either cyborgs or Lancer-Vipers.

 I disabled the LaSat during the game, but not Satellite Up-link. All three
 AI players have built a Satellite Up-link structure, which is proof that
 we are all rather deep in the tech tree. However looking at all the
 weapons and defenses used, the AI are playing at mainly T1-T2 tech level.
 Look at my base and units and then look at theirs. I'm pretty fast and I
 targeted certain research, but out of three AI players I would expect each
 of them to keep pace in some area of technology.

 NOTE: Please change this ticket to v2.3.6.

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