#2612: Vehicle stuck on walls
        Reporter:  dgianstefani@…          |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new                     |    Priority:  major
       Milestone:  3.0.1                   |   Component:  Build system
         Version:  master_20110320         |    Keywords:
Operating System:  Windows 7 64bit         |  Blocked By:
        Blocking:                          |
 I don't have screenshot or savegame b/c on other laptop.

 However you probably know what I'm talking about if you play warzone a

 When there are more than about 5-6 vehicles, sometimes a vehicle will get
 'pushed' into the walls at edge of road.  They then get stuck and the only
 way to get them out (sometimes dont work) is to select all your other
 vehicles and try to manouver them to push the stuck vehicle back out.

 Really annoying bug, especially in missions where you have to go back to

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