#2809: Game crashes at start
        Reporter:  rcbecker1    |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new          |    Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified  |   Component:  other
         Version:  2.3.8        |    Keywords:
Operating System:  Windows XP   |  Blocked By:
        Blocking:               |
 --- Starting log ---
 error   |08:56:00: [scrv_error] VLO parse error: Template SK-Veng-Hover-
 Seraph not found at line 300, text: 'SK-Veng-Hover-Seraph'
 fatal   |08:56:00: [dataScriptLoadVals] Script player0.vlo did not compile
 error   |08:56:00: [resLoadFile] resLoadFile: The load function for
 resource type "SCRIPTVAL" failed for file "player0.vlo"
 fatal   |08:56:00: [resLoad] Failed to parse wrf/multi/t3-skirmish4.wrf
 fatal   |08:56:00: [startGameLoop] Shutting down after failure

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