#2905: Blind spots at cliff bottom and for lower elevation levels
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 When a defense structure (let's take a basic machinegun tower for example)
 is placed at the edge of a cliff, it has a blind spot immediately
 underneath it, meaning that if you can position a vahicle right next to
 the cliff bottom, that structure will not only not be able to shoot at the
 vehicle, but it will not even see it.

 This limitation, however, will not apply to said vehicle, as it will be
 able to shoot and slowly eat away the HP of the defense structure.

 This is a problem for more than one reason:
 1. The AI always manages to get a series of vehicles right underneath my
 cliff defenses, and, as the "Structure under attack" message has begun to
 annoy me already; this problem can be circumvented on some maps, meaning
 that if you have an opposing cliff and you can get a similar structure on
 it, they compensate for each other's blind spots
 2. Indirect fire weapons do not detect the enemy underneath the cliff
 3. If you manage to get any unit at the lower level of the cliff inasmuch
 as to make the enemy unit visible, the defensive structure that previously
 didn't see the enemy unit immediately begins to fire at it (assuming, of
 course, that it could otherwise do that, so it's not a matter of the
 structure not having a firing angle, but not having a visibility angle),
 and stops firing if your unit is destroyed or simply moves away, thus
 rendering the enemy unit invisible again, and allowing it to continue
 slowly shooting at the structure.

 Furthermore, there are situations in which a group of units can
 effectively hide at the bottom of a ramp and easily destroy whatever is at
 the top of the ramp or on the accompanying cliffs (assuming that the
 cliffs don't go around the ramp as well).

 This happens in the nightly build of September 30.

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