#3257: Truck inside Trapo, gone with robo-group
        Reporter:  scorgi       |       Type:  bug
          Status:  new          |   Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified  |  Component:  other
         Version:  3.1 beta4    |   Keywords:
      Blocked By:               |   Blocking:
Operating System:  Windows 7    |
 I ordered a group of 4 cyb builder and 1 truck into a cyborg transport.
 All went into, I dont remember any message from truck that he is no

 Savegame is corrupted, maybe it runs on a linux (like somebody said in
 http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/3200#comment:21 ).

 My netbook is without OpenGL 1.4 or higher.

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