#3741: Missing weapon fire audio
        Reporter:  aubergine    |       Type:  bug
          Status:  new          |   Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified  |  Component:  Engine: Sound
         Version:  3.1 rc 3     |   Keywords:  audio, sound, effect, weapon
      Blocked By:               |   Blocking:
Operating System:  Mac OS 10.5  |
 Weapons such as Stormbringer and Incendiary Howitzer seem to be missing
 their sound effects when firing. This is affecting both 3.1 RC 2 and RC 3.

 I'm on a mac, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

 Mods installed:

 * NullBot 1.38
 * Art Rev alpha 2
 * Ultimate Scavs 1.14
 * Enhanced SitRep 0.11

 Nothing much in the logs, but here it is anyway:

 --- Starting log [/Users/gfraser/Library/Application Support/Warzone 2100
 info    |07:33:15: [realmain:1133] Using
 /Users/gfraser/Library/Application Support/Warzone 2100 3.1/logs/WZlog-
 1010_073315.txt debug file
 error   |07:33:16: [loadShaders:303] Shader program linkage has failed
 [shaders/tcmask.vert, shaders/tcmask.frag]
 error   |07:33:16: [printProgramInfoLog:218] Program info log: ERROR:
 fragment shader reads varying 'tbnmatrix' which is not written.
 info    |07:33:16: [pie_LoadShaders:328] Failed to load component shader
 info    |07:33:16: [pie_LoadShaders:328] Assert in Warzone:
 (result), last script event: ''
 info    |07:33:16: [pal_Init:51] Buffer overrun reading palette data
 info    |07:33:16: [pal_Init:51] Assert in Warzone:
 (lenLeft >= 0), last script event: ''

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