#4770: replace icons for obsolete technology used in build and manufacture 
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 In build and manufacture screen there is a button indicating whether
 obsolete technology is shown.
 It was introduced in

 commit 714727e241e286e395ad09313315de7c3655d90b
 Author: Cyp <c...@wz2100.net>
 Date:   Tue May 21 20:48:17 2013 +0200

     Allow designing and building obsolete tanks.

     Since you sometimes might want to a bunch of cheap MG tanks as a
 decoy, even if you have twin AG researched.

     Also, remove an unrelated uselessly-duplicated test in action.cpp.

 Its icons were unrecognisable, however. I have therefore replaced them
 with new ones which are supposed to show punchcards. They are mostly
 black, which is unusual, but creates a nice contrast. You can view them in
 the attachments.

 I also fixed an unwanted flashing of these buttons which I observed
 whenever entering the manufacture screen with an empty text label for the
 factory loop count.

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