#4771: new host screen icons for teams with shared research
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 It is possible to host games for teams that do not share their research

 commit 8713039c5f1309bbb5e1c269d83cf91877b99646
 Author: Cyp <c...@wz2100.net>
 Date:   Mon Apr 29 21:20:34 2013 +0200

     Add teams mode without shared research.

 Unfortunately, the icons for this option (files
 './data/base/images/alli_unshared.png' and
 './data/base/images/alli_unshared_hi.png') look exactly like the icons for
 hosting a game for teams that do share their research (files
 './data/base/images/alli_teams.png' and
 './data/base/images/alli_teams_hi.png'). I have therefore replaced the
 latter with new icons that show a CPU in front of the team.

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